Enjoy & Relax! It’s Just A Ph.D. Research

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Most Ph.D. scholars take their task so seriously, and end up making several mistakes in their thesis or research paper submission. Though, it is a high level educational program, and should be done carefully, following all the guidelines and instructions of the professor, but it never means that you should take it that seriously. “The more you indulge in your work, the more number of doors open for mistakes.” Professors always advise that Ph.D. research papers should be written carefully, but it does not denote that you should forget your health, friends, and relationships. A psychological study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania says, “Taking short breaks from work, as coffee, nap, walk, etc. increases your productivity.” When you write your research document, you should never stretch your work for more than 30 minutes. Take a small walk, make a phone call to some of your close friends, listen to your favorite song, grab the newspaper and read the latest news, or may be have a cup of coffee – all these small breaks will prepare you for the next work session. This next will be a more energetic one. You will be able to work more efficiently. Additionally, completing seven to eight hours long sleep too is very important, especially when you are sweating hard for your research paper. Lack of sleep would not let you work actively. And your work will all be messed up. Furthermore, you should never skip your meals; food gives you energy, and mind stays healthy and active when you take your meals on time. Mind does not regulate body parts properly, when you do not feed yourself regularly. Your breakfast should be healthy, as prepares you for the day; and your lunch should be light, so that you do not feel lazy in afternoon work sessions. Most research scholars prefer completing their thesis in night, therefore, the dinner should be very...

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Essential Elements of a Research Proposal

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It is not only about stating your objectives and methods while designing a research proposal. It is about presenting every essential element of your proposal in a brief yet interesting manner. Since the future of your suggested research idea is based on your proposal, you should ensure that your study contributes well to your area of research. Then, write a convincing introduction and address research questions that hold importance in your proposed study. In the literature review, give valid points to support the requirement of your study. After this, mention a relevant and effective methodology. Give feasible timelines and honestly clarify about expected...

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